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PNF801 fiber port dust-proof method

The new generation of intelligent optical digital relay tester. 8 optical port designand powerfuldata processing ability can realize full functional test of the optical digital protectiondevices. It also can simulate closed-loop test on MU. Equipped with GPS, IRIG – B codesynchronization interface and supports the IEEE1588 to provide the conditions to substationinternal debugging and substation to substation combine debugging.

Software has years of testing experience. It based on powerful test functions andtemplate function. It integrated the unique functional testing of optical digital protection including: abnormal SV simulation, virtual terminal test, optical power testing and so on.  Efficient, fast complete the intelligent station test.

8 fiber optical ports for:

  • Receiving and sending IEC671850-9-2 format SV and GOOSE message    
  • Receiving and sending IEEE1588 message
  • Measuring received fiber optical power

It Provide flexibility to configure both SV (IEC61850-9-2) and GOOSE ports independently. Each port can be configured as Receive and Send at the same time or it can be configured as Receive or Send.

8 independent meeting IEC60044-7/8(FT3) format SV output port

Because of so many interfaces, the dust-proof is a very important work. If there is no such a proof.The interfaces will be dusty. It’s will impact the data transmission and even worse the interface will be damaged. So how to protect the interface from dust is very important. Now the general method is using the dust-proof plug. You are strongly recommended to plug on the dust-proof plugs when the devices are not used or under transmission. Clean the interface at a regular time.