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Plans for geothermal plant in Uganda

7 May 2013 – AAE systems, a US based group, plans to invest some US$1.2 billion to establish a geothermal plant in the western part of Uganda. It signed a power purchase agreement (PPA) with the government of Uganda whereby it will build the plant in the Katwe-Kikorongo area.

The company anticipates production of 150 MW of geothermal energy once the project is fully commissioned with first generation to begin in two years and completion of the entire project to take four years.

Eriasi Kiyemba, managing director of Uganda Electricity Transmission Company, says Uganda plans to generate 30% of its power from geothermal sources in the medium term.

AAE will sell the power to Uganda at US8c/ per kWh, a lower price than from other sources. The project will be an important component in the development of Uganda’s power sector where only some 13% of Uganda’s population has access to electricity.