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PCT200 training got remarkable achievements in China

In September, 2010, PONOVO launched the first one CT/PT analyzer PCT200 which applies the DC principle. The Electricity Marketing Department held a full training on PCT200 in China. PONOVO sent the engineers to the offices in every region to give training. The trainees included the regional manager, sales and technicians, etc.

The training materials were made by the engineers in headquarters. The materials referred to the: general information of transformer, PCT200 information, the test method comparison between new and old principle, comparison between manufacturers and how to make presentation on PCT200, etc.
The training lasted about 3 months. In the process, the colleagues learnt the field application of PCT200. In the promotion, PCT200 got approval and orders by customers.

In Eastern China, the sales used PCT200 in Anhui Wanjiang Electricity plant to check all current transformers. According to the data analysis, all CT were well. PONOVO PCT were easy connection, light weight and tested conveniently. It got applause in the technicians.

In Central China, the power supply bureau in Hunan Yongzhou planned to purchase CT analyzers. They contacted with three manufacturers, but it failed in test. They turned to PCT200. The test result was correct and the kit was agile which got approval from the bureau. They bought the kit after the test. The director in Hunan High Voltage was interested in PONOVO products and sent a relay expert to the company to make test. The expert appraised PCT200 with high remarks and purchased the kit.

In South-west China, the engineers made PCT200 presentation to the Sichuan High Voltage department. The engineers from High Voltage department operated PCT200 by themselves and approved the program.

In Shandong, the engineers made CT test in Pumped Storage Power Plant in Taian. The test object was exported CT with ratio 15,000:1. PCT200 performed very well in the test and was improved the efficiency. The users were satisfied with the results.

In North-East China, it didn’t hold training at that moment due to network testing.

Ponovo CTM

PONOVO CT used in Malaysia

Besides, the international market department also held PCT200 promotion in overseas markets. In Malaysia, customers used PONOVO CT analyzer with accurate data. The test technology achieved the related level of Omicron.

According to the training, the sales improved its presentation level. The technicians mastered in the operation and solved the field problems. The regional colleagues established good communications with the headquarters.

Ponovo PCT200

PCT200 for sales in production base-Chongqing

Now the performance of PCT200 has been stabile. It is produced in batch. According to the support from regional offices, there were 37 sets of PCT200 sold and waiting for in OA system in the end of November 2010.

Ponovo WP1

Training site in Nanjing
Ponovo WP2

PCT200 Operation


Ponovo WP3

Training site in Xi’an


Ponovo WP4

Test site in Wanjiang Power Plant