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PCT serial transformer analyzer

Current transformer plays the role to convert high current into standard small current in power electricity and is widely used to supply power to the circuit of measurement instrument and relays. In grid, whether current transformer converts the primary current affects the safety of grid distribution. In international standard, it regulates the inspection items and period on current transformer.

Ponovo PCT

Conventionally, the CT inspection is a very complicated work. It needs several different machines working together. In order to simplify the inspection, PONOVO develop a new generation for CT testing— PCT 200 series. PCT 200series is able to help engineers to test CT with large turns ratio, knee point and some special CT.
PCT serial transformer (called PCT) is the only tester applying DC method to test the volt-ampere characteristic in China. It can test the knee point about 45,000V and the test method meets international standard IEC60044-6. PCT measures ratio and angle differential by voltage way with ratio higher about 35,000:1. Now it is the only one set that its accuracy meets the requirements of 0.2S class CT and passes the test of Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. PCT is applicable in laboratory, transformer factory, power plant and various voltage class etc substations and completes all types of current transformer tests.

PCT is the only one passed the test by Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute. The max permissible error for ratio differential is ±0.05% and angle differential is ±2min which can meet the requirement of 0.2S class CT test. Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute is qualified by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) and the only one technical evaluation institute for power transformer and precision transformer authorized by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the PR. So in the similar products, PCT is the only one passed the test that proves its advanced technology.

Shenyang Transformer Factory is the professional CT/PT manufacturer in Northeast China and one of the largest manufacturers in China. December 2010, PONOVO is invited here to test its transformers. The tested CT is TPY class CT with ratio 35,000:1 and knee point voltage 32,000V. The test report of PONOVO PCT is very close to the results of its factory report.

PONOVO PCT completely complies with GB16847-1997 technical requirements and applicable for various current transformer requirements. The wiring connection is simple. All test items can be finished fully automatic. The PCT is the absolute leader in China and reaches the international advanced level.