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PCT analyzer firstly used in metrology

April 16th, 2012, PONOVO PCT analyzer is firstly used in the metrology room of provincial electric power research institute. The experts from the institute are satisfied with the testing results.

PCT analyzer 1

Test site

In March, the technical experts from Standard Current Transformer of Hainan Electric Power Institute visited PONOVO Company. The experts listened to the PCT technology here. In the following activities, they checked the PCT operation, metrology CT accuracy and the test functions of tester with protection CT. The Hainan Electric Power Institute invited PONOVO to Huaneng Hydropower Plant to make demonstration. After that, PONOVO was recommended to the municipal power companies in Sanya, Haikou and Wanning to make technology promotion.

PCT200M is reliable and saves the field test strength which wins the praises from the local Electric Power Institute. This exchange lays foundations for the future procurement cooperation.

PCT analyzer is different from differential current calibrator and other new testers. The accuracy of PCT analyzer completely meets the metrology requirements. The promotion in metrology field opens a new marketing and advances the sales.