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Protecting your prepaid meter ahead of TID rollover

WATCH the short Morning Coffee with ESI Africa video clip as we bring your attention to the impending TID prepaid meter rollover threat.
women leadership

Conversation starter: Fostering women leadership in the power sector

This live webinar, which focused on the energy sector’s gender gap, featured three experts from across the continent talking openly about women leadership.
power generation market

It’s time to talk openly about Africa’s power generation market

In Africa, the power generation market, whether baseload or clean power, is an area of infrastructure where opportunity to scale up investments lie waiting.
innovation projects

Developing innovation projects to support sustainable development

Enel Foundation has reinforced its support to I4C, one of the major Italian innovation projects aimed at supporting sustainable development.
thermal power

New decade: Will thermal drown in the wake of clean power?

During the early days of energy supply, thermal power ruled the generation technology mix. It was reliable, robust and cheap. But that dominance is ending.

EdTech companies to advance ICT in the education system

The Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT is supporting 12 EdTech companies to advance ICT skills in Africa.

Webinar recording: Open discussion on the status of Africa’s power generation

The lack of power generation in Africa remains an issue. Listen to the experts unpack the threats and opportunities this market presents.

East beats West in the rural electrification race

Watch the video clip as our editor shares her excitement about an east African country making inroads on its rural electrification programme.

IHA launches $1m HESG assessment fund for hydropower projects

The Hydropower Sustainability ESG Assessment Fund (HESG) will award $1.02 million to 40 or more hydropower projects between 2020 and 2024.

Webinar recording: Risks of the STS TID Rollover

Join Conlog and ESI Africa in a live discussion which will unpack the risks associated with the TID rollover and identify the measures you can implement to mitigate those risks.

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