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energy transition

WEC: The knowns and unknowns of the global energy transition

Despite the increasingly clear benefits of clean energy systems, the pace of the global transition away from fossil fuel systems is still not clear.
Earth Day

Earth Day feature: Insights on heating, diet and climate change

Research by Energy Systems Catapult reveals that people do not understand the relation between heating, diet and climate change.
covid pandemic

Ed’s note: The difference is already showing

Post-pandemic, will there be an uptake of technology in electrification, eco-transportation networks, and green affordable housing complexes in Africa?

Financing renewables: success with ‘full life cycle funding’

"The end-to-end financing solution means that projects can reach financial close faster, are constructed at a lower cost, and reach a stage of power production sooner."
grid flexibility

Utilities shine brightest when the going gets tough

Ed's Note: Our #HeartForTheSector campaign sparked a global dialogue on how the COVID-19 pandemic has put utilities into crisis management mode.
crisis management


The range of organisations that have responded to the pandemic crisis management situation illustrates that solidarity across unrelated markets is possible.
Crisis management

Tune in for best practice in crisis management across the globe

In these exceptional times, utility continuity plans and crisis management must be coupled with best practice guidelines in providing essential services.
coal sector

6 Strategies to manage COVID-19 risk in South Africa’s coal sector

Providing energy to South Africa during the COVID-19 lockdown is essential, making suppliers, such as for coal, to Eskom vital to the energy sector.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – Essential services during COVID-19 lockdown

Naturally, South Africans are worried about loadshedding and the provision of essential services such as waste removal and water during the COVID-19...

SA in 21-day lockdown: Directives for energy and mining from the...

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has issued directives on how to deal with the spread of Covid-19 following consultation with key stakeholders.

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