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Opportunity to develop a small hydropower dam in north eastern DRC

4 May 2012 – Joe Nam, who is an advisor to a ruler in the north eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo that is aiming to better the living conditions of his people, is looking to source investors for the development of a small hydro-power dam in the town of Dungu, Orientale province.

The dam has a hydroelectric potential of more than 30 MW, and a facility existed in perfect working condition in the 1960s but according to the locals, the Belgians blew up the dam on their departure, shortly before the DRC attained independence. Most of the dam’s concrete work remains intact.
The local rulers, in collaboration with the government of the DRC now seek an investor for a joint venture to redevelop the dam. A completed dam could supply electricity to towns in north eastern DRC, and parts of the Republic of South Sudan and the West Nile region of Uganda.

In addition to a potential local customer base comprising households and businesses, a strong electricity consumer base of manufacturers and industrialist are expected to emerge.  This is in addition to potential international customers in Uganda and South Sudan.

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