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Oil unrest in Libya causes power outages

22 August 2013 – At the end of July 2013, Libyan capital city Tripoli was experiencing power outages lasting several hours. State electricity company GECOL says this was a result from decreased gas flow, due to a series of strikes by energy workers. It is a situation that could even force Libya to import large quantities of fuel, including gasoline and cooking gas, according to officials.

Indeed, Libyan oil exports fell by more than 70% since protesters forced the closure of shipping terminals, the Libya Herald reported on July 31st.

And without oil, there could be no electricity or water for the whole of Libya, oil minister Abdelbari al-Arusi says, according to a Magharebia report http://magharebia.com/en_GB/articles/awi/features/2013/08/02/feature-02. “Any problems with the oil sector could also delay development programmes in Libya.”

The demonstrators, whose numbers included policemen and border guards, shut down production at most sites in the country, over a pay dispute.