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Official claims Nigeria will approach 10,000 MW before end of 2013

Godknows Igali,
Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Power
29 May 2013 – Nigeria’s permanent secretary in the ministry of power, Godknows Igali, has said that the country will reach the 10,000 MW electricity supply mark before the end of 2013, with independent power projects (IPP) proceeding on schedule.

This Day reports that according to the permanent secretary, 2013 is a year of consolidation on the investment made over the years in the sector. He insists that with a combined generation capacity of the privatised National Independent Power Projects (NIPP) and IPP projects Nigerians will join the league of global players in the power sector. He says that over US$600 million had so far been paid by the companies that purchased the previously state owned generation companies.

"At the moment, we have over 4,000 MW going out and it has been increasing. We are looking closely to 10,000 MW before the end of the year; by the time all the NIPP comes on stream. We were looking at when power availability was eight hours a day or even less than that. Now, we have been able to cross over to eight hours to 12 hours or even more than that. We now have over 16 hours of power supply."

The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has also revealed its intention to extend operational licences granted to companies in Nigeria’s electricity supply industry by an additional 15 years to take the licence agreements to 25 years. NERC says this new provision is necessary to mitigate the various operational risks associated with licences that have short lifespans.

The government is targeting 24 hours a day of nationwide electricity coverage as against the 12 to 16 hours currently being enjoyed by some Nigerians.