16 October 2012 – With a rising demand for electricity and declining costs of products, the solar PV industry is rapidly spreading across the globe in order to satisfy needs, reduce carbon emissions and provide a sustainable clean energy source.

A company based in the UK currently has trade opportunities available for a wide range of off grid PV technology that could provide a variety of solutions for domestic or commercial use. Dunster House, based in the UK but with many sites across Europe, currently exports internationally from its range of low voltage off grid ventilation, air heating and lighting solutions which could be ideal for the African market.

Company director Chris Murphy says, “Off grid solar PV could benefit millions of people living in rural or remote locations, where occasionally the connection to the national energy grid is too expensive, unreliable or completely inaccessible.”

Dunster House‘s low voltage off grid solar PV lighting includes 12V DC low energy compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs, which are available as a three or six bulb configuration, and could provide light for homes, schools and businesses.

Once connected to a 100ah or 200ah battery, Dunster House’s 80Watt solar panel can provide a constant charge during reasonable radiation levels. The stored energy in the charged battery can enable the lighting system to be accessible during the night.“Off grid electricity is a cost effective and reliable source of energy which, in a continent with an abundance of solar radiation, can help to boost business productivity, educational hours and economic growth.”

Dunster House also designs a unique off grid solar air heater to provide supplementary heating; and a solar fan to provide a free source of ventilation to any domestic or commercial building.