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Nuclear vendors to be selected for development of facility

On Wednesday the South African Presidency announced that it would be calling for tenders to develop additional nuclear power in accordance with its future power strategy, Reuters reported.

The Presidency said in a statement that ‘recently, government held consultations with a number of nuclear vendor countries including the United States of America, South Korea, Russia, France, Japan and China’.

This follows the deals which South Africa has already made with Russia and France.

The nuclear vendor parade workshops entail vendor countries presenting their nuclear technology offerings. The conclusion of this vendor parade marks a significant milestone in the government pre-procurement phase for the roll-out of the nuclear new build programme’, the Presidency said.

Programme benefits

The programme would result in massive infrastructure development, which would in turn encourage job creation and skills development.

‘[It will] enable the country to create thousands of high-quality jobs for engineers, scientists, artisans, technicians and various other professions; develop skills and create sustainable industries; and catapult the country into a knowledge economy’, the Presidency said.

With various power resources being integrated into the national energy mix, South Africa plans to add 9 600MW of nuclear power to the grid.

Various private sector renewable projects have been implemented and recently the government has announced the launch of a privatised coal-fired power plant programme set to kick off in January 2015.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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