Nigeria is seeking to boost power generation by adding nuclear power to its energy mix

The commissioning of South Africa’s first new nuclear reactor, originally planned for completion in 2023, has been delayed by three years, the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) said on Thursday.

According to the Business report  NIASA managing director Knox Msebenzi attributes the delays to political uncertainties.

“The first plant was due in 2023, but it’s been very delayed. Part of the delay has to do with politics. The latest date is 2025, but there may be other delays. Maybe we’re [South Africa] perceived by government as not ready. We’ve got many vendors wanting to participate”, Msebenzi said.

According to Msebenzi, South Africa has various boxes to tick before the undecided South African’s begin to see the benefits of the project.

Msebenzi is confident that the country is in a position to weigh up the success and failures of other nuclear powered countries and thus can select the best suited technologies for the country.

“We won’t be likely to look at a ‘first of a kind’ technology. We have the opportunity to choose the best technology”, Msebenzi said.

The Nuclear industry conducted a study which indicated that 60% of local content could be achieved compared to government’s 40% requirement.

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Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl has been working in the African power, energy and water sectors since 2011, first with African Utility Week and now as the Editor of ESI Africa. She is also an Advisory Board member of the Global and African Power & Energy Elites publications. With her passion for sustainable business and placing African countries on the international stage, Nicolette takes a keen interest in current affairs and technology trends.

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