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Nuclear power remains cheaper than renewable energy in UK

The stricken Fukushima
nuclear plant in Japan
London, England — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 13 May 2011 – The UK’s Conservative-led government has published a long-term goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, but a recently published report has just delivered mixed news for environmentalists.

While there is tremendous scope for renewable energy in the UK, nuclear power generation is still considered cheaper, and will probably stay that way for about 15 years, reports renewableenergy.com.

Rather than invest in renewable energy research and actively help it become more affordable, more efficient, and more accessible, the UK may simply wait and let others commit to improving green energy technology, the report adds.

While the report (commissioned by the government and prepared by the Committee on Climate Change) did note that biogas, the increasing use of electric vehicles, solar and wind power generation, and the recapture of carbon from coal-fired power stations, could all play a role in decreasing emissions, it suggested that renewable energy and nuclear power should eventually play a more or less equal role in future power generation. That would mean building several additional nuclear power plants in the UK.

However, that might not be too easy. The report points out that if there was one thing to come from the terrible Fukushima nuclear disaster, it is increased global awareness of the fact that extreme weather events and nuclear energy do not mix.

Climate change is causing an increase in storms, cyclones, and other extreme weather. British and European activists will not stand idly by while opportunities to invest in renewable energy are passed by in favour of more nuclear reactors, says the report.