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Nuclear power for Nigeria

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Wide spread poverty, with just half the populace having access to drinking water and adequate sanitation, a limping education system and sporadic power supply are just some of the issues that newly instated President Yar’Adua faces. A major issue on the presidential agenda is that of power generation.

The President’s plan for nuclear power generation to meet the growing power demand will no doubt raise some eyebrows. This is certain to be a hot topic for debate, amongst others, at the upcoming West African Power Industry Convention to be held in Abuja in November this year.

The recent unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria into privatised companies is the first step in the transformation of the power industry. Even if the companies manage to meet their output goals, Nigeria will still be short of an estimated 11 000 to 17 000 MWe by 2017. Demand is set to total between 28 360 and 31 240 MWe. Nigeria currently generates 4000 MWe of its total 6000 MWe capacity.

Yar’Adua has recently named three junior ministers to head energy portfolios in his cabinet, but the president’s spokesman said Yar’Adua is the overall energy minister.

The West African Power Industry Convention 2007, to be held in Abuja, Nigerai between 19 and 21 November, will provide a platform to discuss and learn from West African experience in the power industry sector.

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