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Nuclear power a priority for Nigeria

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New York, United States — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 04 November 2011 – The Nigerian deputy envoy at the United Nations, BukunOlu Onemola, says that the introduction of nuclear-powered electricity in his country remains a major priority of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

Onemola told a meeting of the UN General Assembly here that the introduction of nuclear-powered electricity in the country’s energy mix was high on the government’s 5th transformation agenda.

“We are working closely with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) towards the realisation of this objective, while honouring the attendant obligations of ensuring safety and security,” he said.

“This is why for us in Nigeria, transparency in the handling of information coming out of the Fukushima crisis, and the lessons learnt from the incident, are important as they will help us to avoid dangerous pitfalls,” Onemola added.

He said that despite apprehensions following the Fukushima incident, Nigeria remains convinced that nuclear technology, if safely and responsibly applied, could facilitate the attainment of the country’s development goals and of other Millennium development goals.

Onemola expressed satisfaction with the phenomenal achievement of the IAEA in the application of nuclear technology in the area of food and agriculture, particularly its collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation and the World Organisation for Animal Health.

The envoy encouraged the IAEA to continue in its efforts to assist nuclear-rich states in applying nuclear technology in the diagnosis and control of other trans-boundary animal diseases and the promotion of food security.