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Nuclear innovations to showcase at SA’s second nuclear vendor parade

South Africa will hold its second nuclear vendor parade this month where nuclear technology innovations will be showcased from four participating countries around the globe, the Department of Energy announced on Friday, SAnews reported in a statement.

 ‘The second nuclear vendor workshop will be held during the course of November 2014, and will be with the following vendor countries; China, France, the United States of America and South Korea.’

 The South African energy mix has become diverse with every energy resource needed to meet the growing consumer demand. The South African nuclear policy added the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) which extends from 2010-2030 and states that nuclear power will contribute 9 600MW to the country’s total energy mix, said in a statement.

Plans are moving forward and deals are underway to get the nuclear process going. South Africa recently met with Russia to discuss the potential partnership to develop nuclear in the country.

 ‘The National Development Plan enjoins us to do thorough investigations on various aspects of the nuclear power generation programme before a procurement decision is taken. The vendor parade workshops form part of the government technical investigation in preparation for a procurement decision’, the department said in a statement.

 Workshops will be held with those countries who have confirmed their participation to attend the nuclear vendor parade and which have shown willingness and ability in contributing to the sector.

 ‘The platform is created for vendor countries to showcase and demonstrate their capabilities on how, if chosen, they plan to meet South Africa’s needs’, said in a statement.

 ‘Government remains committed to ensure energy security for the country, through the roll out of the nuclear new build programme as an integral part of the energy mix. Government remains committed to ensuring the provision of reliable and sustainable electricity supply, as part of mitigating the risk of carbon emissions.’

 The adoption of nuclear as an energy resource will lead to job creation and drive education which will uplift local communities and contribute towards socio-economic growth and development.

Government will continue to host nuclear vendor parade workshops in its attempts to drive the incorporation of nuclear into the energy sector as part of the nuclear new build programme, SAnews reported.

Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl
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