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No opposition to Eskom pricing plan

12 August 2008 – South Africa’s National Energy Regulator (NERSA) has confirmed that no objections were lodged at the public hearings held with regard to Eskom‘s medium term power purchase programme (MTPPP).  Additionally, no objections were lodged with regards to the cogeneration regulatory guidelines, which were also discussed at the same meetings.

In a response to enquiries by Engineering News, the regulator replied:

“Based on the presentation made by Eskom, the panel of public hearing will make recommendations to the Energy Regulator, which is anticipated to sit in two months time.”

Up to 3 000MW of Eskom’s generation needs in the short to medium term could be sourced through the MTPPP.

NERSAs approval is specifically focused on the pricing structure and its effect on electricity prices in the medium term.