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Nigerian power station for Group Five

11 December 2007 – A contract for a US$61.5 million, 130MW gas fired power station has been awarded to construction company, Group Five.


Mike Upton,
Group Five
chief executive

The power plant in Aba, in south eastern Nigeria, is to be built for Geometric Power, a private company that operates private power plants, transmits and distributes power for industrial clusters, commercial entities and public consumers.

Nigerian power supply meets approximately 20 % of demand, according to Mike Upton, Group Five CE. The new power plant will provide reliable power to a large cluster of industries that need reliable power supply.

The power station at Aba is the second private power station built by Group Five, following the completion of the Akwa Ibom station power station (also in Nigeria) in 2005.

"This contract further cements our entry into the independent African power market and proves the success of our West African business — a region we have worked in since 1995.

"In line with our stated strategy of tapping into the energy sectors in Africa, we have delivered on our strategy of ensuring that our engineering business is ready for the expected large turnkey projects flowing from the power generation and distribution sector on the continent," Upton said.