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Nigerian power industry’s ‘collective responsibility’

23 January 2008 – The Nigerian minister for energy, Fatima Balaraba Ibrahim, has charged all stakeholders within the electricity industry, to ensure that Nigerians have access to reliable electricity supply.


Nigerian minister for energy,
Fatima Balaraba Ibrahim

Speaking at a joint meeting of the permanent secretary, directors in the ministry of energy (power), chief executives/managing directors of parastatals and agencies in the power sector in Abuja the minister was very clear about her message.

"We all have a collective responsibility to ensure that Nigerians get stable, reliable and affordable electricity supply. Power is a catalyst for economic development, you hold the key to our economic development , therefore we cannot afford to fail Nigerians " the minister said.

Vision 2020 and the current administration’s seven point agenda are all reliant on adequate power supply. In order to meet these targets, the minister urged that stakeholders "set realistic targets, have a roadmap and an action plan by identifying the challenges, achievements and projections for 2008 and beyond as well as the modus operandi for achieving these targets."

Chairman of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commisson (NERC), Prof Ransome Owan, said the NERC’s goal was to provide an enabling environment.

He noted there was a need for a new tariff structure and disclosed "that the Multi Year Tariff Order (MYTO) will become applicable in due course."