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Nigeria: Transmission Co secures $30m for research initiative

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The Transmission Company of Nigeria has recieved $30 million funding through the World Bank to conduct a study on electricity challenges in Nigeria

In West Africa, the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has secured $30 million (N5.977 billion) from the World Bank to carry out a study, which examines the electricity load demand and energy mix in Nigeria.

Speaking at an industry conference in August, TCN’s Deputy Managing Director, Mohammed Atiku, highlighted that the country did not have  reliable data in which to base its future strategies on, This Day reported.

Atiku said: “Demand and supply are two critical elements in the power sector which has to be understood, to be identified, quantified and then we strategise on how to match them.

“Failure to do that, the sector will be in very bad shape and I am sorry to say this is what is causing the situation we have in Nigeria.”

Transmission Company of Nigeria initiates study

Atiku noted that the TCN has already initiated the process for the study.

“This is one of the reason why the TCN on its own, even though it is out of our mandate, we have been seeking to get the actual demand of our electricity. We have gotten a grant from World Bank and will soon embark on a study which is going to be industry wide to determine this load demand and even our energy mix.”

He added: “When the study is concluded, it is going to take 30 months to complete with grant released from the World Bank.”

Allocation of funds

Atiku explained that the study is currently in progression, and is likely to exhaust all funds.

He highlighted that Nigeria has been relying on two major sources of energy, such as gas-fired powered stations and hydro power.

He stressed that very little attention had been given to other renewable resources and nuclear energy.

“That study will be able to come up with detailed report on the energy demand and supply with appropriate energy mix for the country,” he stated.

Babalwa Bungane
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