Zainab Kuchi,
Nigeria Minister
of Power
18 January 2013 – Nigeria’s minister of Power Zainab Kuchi says the country plans to achieve 10,000 MW of generation capacity by the end of 2013. She says the country’s generation capacity stood at 6,442MW by the end of 2012.

Generation capacity, however, could differ from actual generation. The peak generation actually achieved in 2012 was 4,517.6MW, which was recorded on December 23rd. Factors such as non-availability of gas, breakdown and inadequate evacuation capacity impede the translation of generation capacity into actual power available to consumers.

Kuchi says other plans by the ministry in 2013 include diversification of the nation’s energy sources, scaling up of rural access to electricity and stimulating investment in the sector by fostering bilateral relations.“The ministry will also focus on developing new policy initiatives to address post privatisation challenges.”

Transaction advisers have been appointed for concession of small and medium hydro power projects, while a 40MW hydroelectric plant would be completed within the year. She also says that a wind farm in Katsina, with capacity for 10MW, is ready for inauguration but it is being delayed due to the current security challenges in the area.

Kuchi also says arrangements have been concluded to borrow from the African Development Bank to support the expansion of the nation’s transmission capacity.

She lists achievements recorded in power transmission as including the inauguration of 239 kilometres of 330 kV line; completion of 21km of 132 kV transmission line; and the inauguration of 600MVA 330/132/33KV substation capacity.

However the minister did not give many details of how this 10,000 MW target will be achieved.