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Nigeria looks to nuclear energy to power Lekki Free Zone

In Nigeria, the governor of Lagos state is considering installing nuclear energy as a way to power one of the country’s largest free trade zones.

Babatunde Raji Fashola told a meeting of private sector stakeholders that the local government was considering nuclear as one option to power the commercial businesses operating within Lekki Free Zone, including oil and gas companies.

Mr Fashola said: “We spent over two hours at the meeting deliberating on nuclear energy for the state and how it could be deployed into use. That shows you how we intend to address issues of power in the state. We sat down with one of the foremost practitioners who is a Nigerian and he took us through all the protocols that is needed.

He added: “In less than three years we can establish it, especially when we need not do distribution, but places like the Lekki Free Zone can have the nuclear power between 15 and 24 months. No option is off the table as we move forward in our strive to solve the power challenge for the state.”

Lekki Free Zone, on the outskirts of the capital Lagos, is a Chinese joint-venture that offers preferential import-export tariffs for resident companies.