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Nigeria has power export ambitions

Nigeria’s minister
of power Bart Nnaji
29 March 2012 – Vanguard reports that at the Commonwealth Energy Summit held in London, Nigeria’s minister of power Bart Nnaji said the country hopes to eventually export power beyond west Africa to southern and central African countries.

At the moment Nigeria is selling power to Benin and Niger. However, before cross regional export of power can occur, Nigeria will have to establish its high voltage transmission super grid at a cost of about US$5 billion. At the moment Nigeria’s national transmission grid is weak and responsible for close to 45% of the country’s technical losses of power.
The minister, who spoke during the plenary on Opportunities in Nigeria, said, “We want to create highways for the export of power in Africa and the transmission highway will be done and the tariff will be governed by the same principles that govern such services,” adding that already, Nigeria has opened discussion with the Congolese government on the possibility of transporting power from Inga.