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Nigeria: Electricity workers vow to stop management contract

17 September 2007 – It is reported from Nigeria that the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) and Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied companies (SSAEAC) have vowed to stop the management contract from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) from being implemented.

Union officials claimed is was "a rip-off for the foreign firm to manage power in Nigeria."

Last week, Power Grid Corporation India Ltd were awarded a $5 million management contract of the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

However, Mr. Joe Ajaero, NUEE’s general secretary, said the company would never be allowed to manage the electricity sector in Nigeria.

"The Indians are not welcome. We want to advise them to stay clear.

"As workers in the sector, the Indians cannot enter the sector as management contractors," he said.

He added that they would consider a partnership with Power Grid Corporation, but not give them authority to manage the sector, further adding that no country had ever allowed transmission lines to be run be a foreign company due to security implications.

SSAEAC president, Godwin Iheanacho said the management contract ran contrary to labour regulations.

"It is also a treason because we are still in court over issues of the privatization of the PHCN, and the same company is given to a foreign firm to manage," he said.

Iheanacho described the development as undemocratic, accusing the National Council on Privatisation of not respecting the rule of law.

"For 22 years we did not add any megawatt to our grades because the government was ill-advised," he said.

He said the problem of power supply was generation and not the workers.