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Nigeria: Continued delays for stable power

Nigeria continues to face setbacks in its pursuit of improved power supply after the privatisation of the country’s power sector. After the Federal Government’s failure to meet its energy target of producing 5 000MW by the end of 2014, the deadline was subsequently moved to January 2015.

Reports reveal that statistics analysed by the Nigeria’s Ministry of Power, suggest that as of January, 4, Electricity Generation Companies had produced a total of 3 415.21 MW of power. Minister of Power for Nigeria, Prof. Chiendu Nebo, had however expressed his confidence in still reaching its 5 000MW target this month at the 2014 Ministerial Platform, held in December last year.

Prof. Nebo was reported as saying: ‘Some people are asking about the completion of NIPP. I have mentioned about Alaoji, Gabrian and Omoku. I don’t think they will spill beyond January for achieving 5 000MW because the gas is already available.’

Reasons for the delays in improved power supply, were cited as due to ‘vandalism of gas pipelines and insufficient gas supply’ – this according to Frank Edozie, senior special advisor on gas to the minister of power.

According to Ventures Africa, Edozie commented ‘Inadequate gas supply and frequent sabotage of the pipelines had contributed immensely to lack of electricity supply in the country. We are constrained due to the gas challenges and it has contributed to the drop of power generation to 3 500 megawatts.’