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New wind atlas

Johannesburg, South Africa — 14 March 2012 – The release of the Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA) “’ a joint project by the CSIR, SANERI, SAWS, UCT and Riso DTU “’ is a boon to the development of renewable energy within South Africa.

So said deputy energy minister Barbara Thompson here at the launch of a new wind atlas, stating that wind is one of many resources our country is endowed with, and it is our quest to ensure energy security for this country.

Resource rich areas like the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape provinces, have been identified as optimal as sites for wind turbines.

 “The existence of a comprehensive and accurate meso-scale wind atlas that is freely available, will enable the optimum planning and location of wind energy projects, greatly enhancing their bankability and, ultimately, the benefits that will accrue to the South African public,” states growth partnership company Frost & Sullivan‘s energy and power systems research analyst Gareth Blanckenberg.

Energy generated from renewable energy technologies is currently not cost competitive with conventional power generation sources, concludes Frost & Sullivan. The release of the Wind Atlas will, therefore, be most beneficial by ensuring that these wind energy resources deliver maximum returns.

Source: Frost & Sullivan. For further details, click here.