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New technology applied on Relay tester – PW460

With the rapid development of microelectronics technology, various digital signal processors emerge in large number such as DSP which owns high-speed calculation ability.  DSP, applying in relay testing system, not only improves the output data points of each cycle, but also makes the test closed loop functions. The closed loop real-time test is necessary part of the test object’s measurement accuracy and the testing equipment’s safety.

The development of programmable software makes the logic circuit widely used in digital system design. From GAL, EPLD and present FPGA, the capability, function and reliability are developed. Applying FPGA makes the circuit design, correct and maintenance flexible. The solution FPGA + DSP improves the data calculation and process ability of the tester. Meanwhile, it shortens the period of the product development.

Recently, the relay equipments, taking transient sequence as judgment, increase. In test, it need simulate and confirm di/dt, dv/dt, df/dt and Z. Therefore, it makes high requirement on the transient characteristics. Voltage and current’s rise rate will make the first wave distortion and can’t control the reclosing angle. It even affects the relays and quick protection adjustment. When the data point is less, the lower frequency will increase the transient response time of the filter section which directly affects the transient characteristics of the test set.

Windows is widely used with its rich user interface, strong system source and flexible operation methods. Users can apply the Windows source such as WORD, EXCEL and FOXPRO to edit and print words and pictures. The multi-windows and tasks features enrich the software interface and control the relays and test equipments.

PW460 test system is used in the advanced relay testing principle applying advanced microelectronic, power electricity technology and components, learning previous relay testing system design, manufacture and operation experience and put the above technology into the closed loop control, transient response speed, low level output and software functions to achieve international level.