Switch entrant

Power Technologies, a member of the JSE-listed Allied Electronics group, has announced its entry into the switchgear market with two products in the 11 kV air insulated medium voltage range. The new range of products is dubbed the PT Switchgear Air Medium Voltage ZZK-12 series.

To prove the safety of the new product, Powertech submitted the switchgear to extensive testing according to International Electrotechnical Commission IEC standards at the Kema Institute of Netherlands. The ZZK-12 series passed all tests and won Kema approval and certification.

Powertech executive director for business development, Peter Riley, says, “The PT air insulated medium voltage series will be competitively priced and will be backed by Powertech’s 12 month warranty and technical support programme.”

The PT Switchgear range consists of air-cooled modular units, enclosed in zinc-aluminium coated steel, and is fully drawable on sliding racks. They are typically installed in a 12 kV three-phase AC system rated at 50 kHz. “These products can be used safely at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres and in earthquakeprone regions, where they will stand up to seismic activity of up to eight on the Richter scale.

Powertech’s new switchgear technology will be marketed to a range of users, including municipalities, Eskom, mining and industry. Highly competitive pricing and lead times will ensure that clients are able to power up and service a wide range of systems with minimal delay.