Erlangen, Germany, January 30, 2008

Control roomThe Siemens Energy Sector now offers a new tool for training operating personnel for power plants equipped with the SPPA-T3000 control system. The full-scale SPPA-S3000 simulator replicates the real plant using the original engineering data and simulates real-time behavior of the power plant. All details shown on the simulator screen are identical to those shown on the screens in the power plant control room. Because both theoretical and practical training exercises can be implemented in realistic situations, the trained personnel can be deployed quickly in the power plant control room.

Qualified personnel is an important factor for power plant operating safety and reliability. Today, power plant operators are faced with the challenge of training plant operating personnel within as short a time as possible. This can be achieved with the new simulator because a wide variety of scenarios can be called up. Every possible malfunction and every plant operating condition can be repeated as often as required until all operator reactions and operating sequences have been perfectly trained.

"We can now offer our customers a system for optimized, cost-effective training of personnel. By developing this simulator Siemens has once again demonstrated its competence and customer intimacy in the field of power plant I&C," said Karlheinz Springer, head of Instrumentation & Controls at Siemens Energy.