The Rusumo waterfall
on the Kagera river
“’ where the new
Rusumo Waterfall
power project is to
be built
Mwanza, Tanzania — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 11 November 2011 – The governments of Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi are expected to combine to arrange compensation for 125 households from 32 villages in Ngara District, in the Kagera Region of north-western Tanzania, in order to pave way for an electricity project.

The Kagera region of Tanzania shares borders with Rwanda and Burundi to the west, and the planned US$340 million Rusumo waterfalls project, which is expected to take off next year, would supply electricity to the three countries. The project will be jointly funded by the central banks of the three countries.

A researcher on the Nile Basin, Naftali Omesa, said 82 households in Ngara District, which are within 30m of the project area, would be removed while another 13 households in Biharamuro District would also be affected.

A total of 4.41 acres would be used for electricity polls while another 2.39 acres would be used for a substation at Nyakanazi Ward. According to Omesa, a total of 17.9 acres of various plantations would also be destroyed during the surveying for the project.

But he pointed out that the project would provide employment to 4,500 people from the district during the construction period, and for at least 60 people on permanent basis. He expressed his optimism that the project would open up various economic opportunities to farmers and the business community in the area.