Mozambique minister
for industry and trade
Armando Inroga
Maputo, Mozambique — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 19 December 2011 – The future power transmission line from Tete to Maputo, as well as the expansion of retail banking, will be fundamental in improving the business climate in Mozambique and developing a strong business sector.

Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias quoted minister for industry and trade Armando Inroga as making this announcement. He added that a structure to reduce the costs of developing energy and communications infrastructure was being set up.

Mozambique lost ground this year in the two indices that measure the performance of countries “’ the Doing Business index and Global Competitiveness “’ and the minister was reacting to calls from its aid partners for the government to speed up introduction of reforms to improve the business climate.

Difficulties in securing funding and access to credit and costs of installing power supplies for companies are among the main issues that stopped Mozambique from progressing this year, particularly in the Doing Business index, which is a reflection of the World Bank’s assessment of the business climate in a variety of countries.

During a debate promoted by cooperation partners about the business climate in Mozambique, the minister noted the need for retail banks to expand their businesses to rural areas, and added that he believed that, “all those initiatives will, in fact, create conditions to do business in Mozambique.”