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New 20 MVA to 60 MVA transformer manufacturing line in Pretoria

On February 3rd Powertech Transformers, a company in the Altron Power division of the JSE listed Altron Group, officially opened its dedicated small power transformer facility, covering the manufacture of 20 MVA to 60 MVA 123 kV units. This facility was specially designed and built to improve the flow of a transformer through the manufacturing process resulting in shorter production lead times.

The project which commenced eighteen months previously was carried out in two phases, the first one being the purchasing of new vertical winding machines and upgrading of the existing ones as well as the excavation of the existing factory space and the second phase the installation of additional equipment as well as reorganising the existing fabrication area to enable the tank fabrication to match the assembly area.

The facility which was locally designed and locally manufactured will double the small power transformer (SPT) capacity. The new SPT capacity is 4,400 MVA (previously 2,200 MVA) which equates to 120 transformers per annum (40 x 20 MVA + 60 x 40 MVA + 20 x 60 MVA).

Powertech Transformers’ total revised factory capacity inclusive of medium power transformers (MPT) and large power transformers (LPTs’) is 13,680 MVA per annum.

Bernard Meyer, CEO says, “This major investment confirms the confidence we have in manufacturing in South Africa. We have nearly doubled our capacity in this market sector in anticipation of a R250 million potential increase in the export market. The new facility is also perfectly timed with new growth opportunities in the renewable energy and rail market sectors. Lastly, and most importantly, we have created additional employment opportunities for much skilled, semi-skilled and professional young talent.”

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