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Nanyuki residents demand better compensation from Ketraco

Nanyuki residents in Marura estate, Kenya have voiced their grievances, citing “meager” pay by the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company.

A high voltage powerline beginnning in Nanyuki town to Isiolo and Meru counties has passed through the properties of 200 households.

Residents led by David Kibe, addressed the media yesterday, exclaiming that the Ministry of energy should intervene and, that they would not move until the utility reviews the current compensation rate.

Kibe has said that Ketraco has “undervalued” their plots and buildings, explaining that the present market rate for their plots, bordering Laikipia Air Base and British Military Training camp, has risen.

“Residents have held several meetings with Ketraco urging them to review the land rate to conform to the current market value but nothing seems to work” he said.

The families were notified to cease further development in their plots six months ago. One resident said that her plot cost her Sh900,000 to purchase. She has built a house with a value of more than Sh30,000. Ketraco however has offered her Sh120,000 in compensation.

“The money being compensated is very little and I am not ready to take it,” said the resident. She is counting her losses due to the fact that building materials to develop the plot are lying idle.

Ketraco officials went around to families on the estate, convincing them to sign the compensation agreements.

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