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Namibia: InnoSun signs an MoU for the wind farm

150MW wind farm
InnoSun has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Namibian gov for the construction of a 150 to 500MW wind farm in Tsau//Kheib national park.

In Southern Africa, the Namibian environment and tourism minister, Pohamba Shifeta has assured investors in potential renewable energy companies that their investment will be protected and will generate returns.

Pohama said this during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that took place on Friday in Paris between Namibia and InnoSun, a subsidiary of InnoVent, reports The Namibian.

Wind farm a new era for Namibia

In November, InnoSun first announced its ambitious plans of constructing a 150MW to 500MW wind farm in the Tsau//Kheib (Sperrgebiet) national park, south-west of Namibia.

“I believe this occasion marks the start of a new era for Namibia, an era in which we will exploit our abundant renewable energy resources to the fullest for the transformation of our country’s development,” Shifeta said.

He highlighted that the Namibian government is prepared to provide the best possible enabling framework for investment in renewable energy.

He added: “To the potential investors out there, I assure you that your investment will be facilitated, your investment will be protected and your investment will generate returns and will be utilised to transform our nation’s development.”

InnoSun involves Luderitz Town Council

Lüderitz Town Council spokesperson Johanna Ileka told the Economist that they have entered into a Private Public Partnership with InnoSun, revealing that they will have 5% of the equity stake that will be contributed in the form of land.

Ileka said “Through the partnership with InnoSun, once the farm is up and sustainable we are looking at selling surplus energy and obviously supplying our residents with affordable electricity.”

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