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Mpanga Hydropower Project to boost Uganda electricity supply

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18MW will be added to the Ugandan national grid by Mpanga Hydropower Project, according to All Africa News.

The technical commissioning will be conducted on Thursday, while President Yoweri Museveni is expected to officially launch the project in March, top officials said.

The $26m project, whose construction started in 2008, is owned by Africa EMS Mpanga, a subsidiary of South Asia Energy Management Systems Inc based in California, the US.

"It will be some of the cheapest power available in Uganda’s national grid,’ Charles Mugisha, the project coordinator, said.

He pointed out that the project had the fastest completion time from licensing to commissioning.

"It is also the best cost ratio hydropower project in Uganda, but implemented in a most challenging terrain inside a deep gorge," Mugisha said.

He was, however, upbeat that the project had exposed more than 200 youth, who participated in the construction works, to lots of technological transfer.

"I am happy to note that the technology transfer arising from this project will be very useful for future similar projects. And because of it, lots of areas have been opened up for rural electrification," he added.

"The project will provide ample green energy adequate to power over 20,000 households in western Ugandan, in addition to providing lighting for hospitals, schools, churches and community centres," Mugisha explained.

The construction was undertaken by VSHydro (Pvt) Ltd; a Sri Lankan-based hydropower construction company.

It harnesses the hydro potential of River Mpanga as it drops down over the Great Western Rift Valley onto Lake George in Fort Portal, western Uganda.

Mugisha said his company would set up similar projects in Kasese and Kapchorwa.