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MoZiSa transmission line to boost power trading in SADC

The construction of the Mozambique-Zimbabwe-South Africa (MoZiSa) Transmission Project is expected to improve network connectivity to the regional grid, the Southern Times reported today.

story2Almost all of the energy utilities within the SADC region are interconnected via SAPP, which gives them the platform to trade electricity at competitive prices to one another. Angola, Malawi and the United Republic of Tanzania are not included in the SAPP.

The Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) is a working relationship between the national electricity companies which fall within the Southern African Development Community (SADC). They perform various functions for the member utilities which include overseeing strategy, generation, transmission and marketing in Southern Africa.

The MoZiSa project has contributions from each of the three countries utilities:

  • Electricicade de Moçambique (EDM),
  • Eskom of South Africa and
  • The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA)

They have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to implement the interconnector where three expert teams have been put together:

  • a steering committee,
  • technical committee and
  • a commercial committee

These teams will be in charge of driving the implementation process under the supervision of SAPP.

The implemented transmission lines will help stabilise the unbalanced networks in the North and the South which have been contributors to SAPP’s grid problems.

The Southern Times reported that to ensure the successful operations of the interconnector, there are unique phases which nice to be carried out as part of the project namely;

  • Two new substations will be developed in Zimbabwe. One at Triangle and one at Orange Grove.
  • The Triangle-Nzhelele interconnector will be built between Zimbabwe and South Africa with a 400kv line covering 275 kilometres.
  • A 400kV line bay at Nzhelele substation is on the cards for future development.

The Project Preparation Feasibility Study Fund (PPFS) has issued SAPP with funds to perform a feasibility study in preparation for the MoZiSa transmission project.

In August expert consultants were invited to come forward and review the initial assessments which the three utilities had done and provide their professional opinions based on the research submitted on the transmission project.

The Southern Times quotes the terms of reference for the consulting services as part of reviewing the project:

‘These preparatory activities would enable the project sponsors and SAPP and funders to take the necessary and informed decisions regarding funding for the Bankable Feasibility Study of the projects’.

The submission of opinions made by the relevant consultants had to be in by September 10, where the winners will be announced by SAPP shortly.

The decision will mark a milestone in the progress of the MoZiSa project, bringing it closer to its final stages.