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Mozambique’s 180MW gas power station opens doors

Mozambique’s national electric utility Electricidade de Moçambique (EdM) and South African energy group Sasol opened a 180MW natural gas power station last week.

The Ressano Garcia Power Plant was unveiled in Mozambique’s Moamba district of Maputo province.

The natural gas-powered generation plant is expected to ease the southern African country and its neighbours’ energy shortages.

However, although Augusto Fernando, chairman of EdM, said: “with the launch of the plant the lack of power in the region has been fully overcome”, he admitted that the state utility needs more than US$1 billion investment into power infrastucture to adequately meet Mozambique’s energy needs.

Construction of the plant has taken two years at a cost of US$250 million.

Mozambique has become one of the most promising countries in Africa in terms of natural gas and coal resources.

The country’s Tete Province is estimated to hold large untapped coal reserves of 25 billion short tons, according to the International Energy Agency.


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