18 November 2008 – EDM, the Mozambican utility, announced plans to build a 680MW power plant in southern Maputo ahead of the World Cup in 2010.

The Moamba project is set to cost close to US$1.3 billion and will be a partnership between EDM, Intelec Holdings of Mozambique and South Africa’s Sasol.

"The costs will be borne by EDM, the Mozambican holding company Intelec, and the South African petro-chemical giant Sasol, which operates the natural gas fields in the southern Mozambican province of Inhambane," the utility said in a statement.

Discussions have already been stated with Eskom for the South African utility to increase the amount of electricity it purchases from EDM during the World Cup period.

Mozambique is one of the few African countries with a surplus of electricity, with Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric (HCB) producing some 2 075MW, against a local demand of only 5% of that amount.  60% of the surplus is sold to South Africa and 35% to Zimbabwe.