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Mozambique denies cutting power to Swaziland

Maputo, Mozambique — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 17 January 2012 – The Mozambican electricity company, EDM, has denied reports in the Swazi press that it has suspended the supply of power to Swaziland.

Yesterday’s issue of the “Times of Swaziland” cited Swaziland Electricity Company (SEC) corporate communications manager Sifiso Dhlamini as claiming that EDM had suspended power supplies for an indefinite period. Dhlamini said that previously EDM had supplied 21% of Swaziland’s electricity, but had ended the arrangement because it no longer had surplus power to sell.

“They informed us that Mozambique’s domestic consumption had increased to very high levels, hence they needed to first satisfy their own demands. This therefore meant that their surplus production had to be used within the country,” Dhlamini told the paper.

He said the loss of 21% supply of the country’s electricity was a huge cause for concern, which meant that it was imperative that Swazis should conserve electricity.

“Surplus power is diminishing in the Southern African region as the local demand for electricity in our large neighbouring countries like South Africa and Mozambique continues to increase. These countries have their own projects like rural electrification and they are expanding at a very high pace. Their populations are very large too,” Dhlamini said.

But EDM insists that Dhlamini’s statements are completely untrue, and that there has been no suspension of the supply of power to Swaziland.

In a telephone contact with AIM, EDM spokesperson Celestino Sitoe insisted that the company has not interrupted supplies to Swaziland, which are continuing as normal.

“These claims are not true”, said Sitoe. “We are supplying Swaziland normally, without any problem.”