1 April 2008 – Morocco aims to boost power generation by 5 000MW over the next five years says minister of energy and mines, Amina Benkhadra.

Amina Benkhadra

Moroccan minister of
energy and mines,
Amina Benkhadra

The minister was speaking at the launch of the world’s first combined cycle thermo-solar power plant. The US$631 million will be located near the city of Oujda.

Of the 4 720MW generation capacity, 20MW will be generated by solar and the plant will account for 8.5% of the national energy production. The plant, which will open in 2009 is expected to save up to 12,000Mt of fuel, and reduce CO2 emission by 33.500Mt.

Funding for the project is provided by the African Development Bank, Global Environment Facility and the national electricity utility, ONE.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco also launched a modernisation project at the Jerada thermal power plant worth US$54 million. The modernisation project is expected to be finalised in 2010 and will increase installed capacity to 500MW.