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More load shedding for Ghana


The Accra Mail reports that the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) and the Volta River Authority (VRA), Ghana’s main electricity distributor and producer respectively must be in some trouble which they are not sharing with the Ghanaian public.

The power outages are getting ever more frequent, showing no improvement from the debilitating load shedding regime the country has just come out of. Since the beginning of the year power supply has been increasingly erratic.

The glaring manifestation of this was the national disgrace suffered when a major outage in the Western Region held up the Ghana 2008 opening match between Mali and Benin on January 21 at the brand new Essipong Stadium in Sekondi.

Since then, various parts of the country, including the national capital have been suffering annoying and destructive outages.  .

Many parts of the capital are experiencing outages for which reason many of the city’s traffic and street lights are off when they are most needed. The investigations also revealed that some areas seem to have constant supply of power.

Whatever reasons the ECG and VRA have and would put out, the fact still remains that power supply is not regular. Is it a load shedding regime being surreptitiously introduced? Whatever it is, the ECG and VRA must come clean.