20 September 2012 – The first eKiss and mini eKiss mobile off-grid photovoltaic systems from Antaris Solar to enter the African market have been commissioned in Cameroon and have also attracted the interest of development aid organisations.

These mobile solutions have attracted attention in Europe, where eKiss (energy – Keep it simple & safe) is able to provide outputs of between 350 and 2,000 watts for the agricultural sector or for energy supply to summer houses and holiday homes, as well as exciting major interest in stand-alone electricity solutions on the African continent. “We are currently endeavouring to expand our international network of distribution partners in order to be able to meet demand,”Antaris Solar’s country manager for Africa, Barton Shasha, says.

The eKiss system provides secure energy supply to regions where no reliable public electricity grid is in place. “This means that eKiss is able to make a significant contribution towards electrification in under-developed areas,” Shasha says.

The eKiss systems were commissioned in Cameroon the company’s sales partners SAF Solaire Africa and Village 21. “Both our partners and customers very much appreciate the robustness, output performance and high degree of user-friendliness which eKiss is able to deliver,” Shasha adds.   

eKiss can be used either to replace or to supplement conventional diesel generators. This enables it to back up vital energy-dependent areas such as telecommunications, education and health systems and domestic power requirements. The eKiss systems also very much lend themselves to use by organisations operating in the field of development aid due to the fact that they can be individually aligned to local conditions and put into service without any need for detailed technical knowledge.

As well as providing an attractive option for domestic use, the portable mini eKiss box is also able to serve as a basis for business activity. The mini eKiss iscapable of charging up to ten mobile telephones simultaneously. “Africa has regions where mobile communications networks are up and running despite the absence of an electricity grid. Using mini eKiss as a mobile public charging station is an effective business model in such areas and also fosters telecommunications expansion.”