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Rwanda aims to boost hydropower generation through private investor participation

In Rwanda, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda Development Board and the Rwanda Energy Group have leased 22 micro hydropower projects to seven private investors with the aim to boost the country’s power generation capacity.

The government bodies and private investors met last week to sign the 25-year power purchase agreements (PPAs) and concession agreements, the ministry of infrastructure said in a statement.

Micro hydropower projects

The Minister for Infrastructure, James Musoni, said that while 15 of the plants will be new, seven are currently operational and only require refurbishments to boost generation capacity, The New Times reported.

The micro hydropower plants are located in both the Northern and Western provinces including, Agatobwe, Nyamyotsi I and II, Kimbili Rukarara V, Rugezi, Mutobo, Base I and II, and Ngororero.

The power developers include a consortium of Karera and Tiger Huert Heindi Energicotel Ltd and Adre Hydropower, Prime Energy and Kochendorefer and FEE, Rwanda Energy UK Ltd and Africa Energy Services, Rwanda Mountain Tea, Rural Energy Promotion Ltd, as well as Ngali Energy, and the Led Energy Solutions and Green Energy joint venture.

Musoni told The New Times: “We believe that with private sector involvement, these power plants will be upgraded to produce more power than they are generating today. This will increase efficiency, leading to clear management of national energy resources in the country.”

Boosting energy generation capacity

According to the ministry, these agreements are in line with the east African country’s energy policy priorities:

  • Promote value-for-money and increased market competition in energy development
  • Promote private operation of government owned power plants
  • Promote private sector participation

The ministry claims that the 22 micro hydropower plants will contribute 24.6MW to the national grid in addition to the existing 160MW.