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Meter rollout proceeds for Nigeria’s Ikeja disco

Nigerian-Flag featureIn Nigeria, Ikeja Electric CEO, Abiodun Ajifowobaje, announced this week in Lagos that the distribution company would be commencing the second phase of its metering programme with the installation of 10,000 meters this month.

This follows a pilot project in June which saw 6,000 meters installed in customer homes.

The programme will eventually include the installation of 15,000 meters per month.

Ajifowobaje believes that the rollout is an example of the company’s drive to redefine service delivery, and said that the new meters will help customers manage energy usage and ensure transparent billing in real time.

Enhanced network management

“Ikeja Electric’s advanced meter infrastructure is a state-of-the-art technology that enables utilities to read, disconnect and connect meters remotely and to detect individual customer outages quickly, using a wireless communications network,” he told journalists.

“The metering project will replace today’s meters with next generation electronic meter technology that improves customer service and enables customers to proactively manage their energy use and save money by giving them the power to control how much electricity they use against how much electricity they pay for.”

The ultimate scope of the programme will see 300,000 meters installed in residential and commercial and industrial premises by December 2016. The new meters will enable the utility to monitor power outages, restoration alerts and meter tampering, in addition to providing improved billing and consumption data.