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Medupi construction update

The six 794 MW unit Medupi power station rated at 4,764 MW remains on track to have its first unit commissioned by the second half of 2014. By the end of October 2013, the power station’s Unit 6 boiler feed pump one-directional testing was successfully completed.

In addition, one-hour test runs on all of Unit 6 boiler mills were successfully completed. This achievement is one step closer to first synchronisation and means that alignment can now start and gearboxes can be coupled to the motors for cold commissioning readiness. The wet run of the submerged scraper conveyer was also successfully completed. This system removes the ash from the bottom of the boiler, another essential step in getting the boiler ready for first fire.

Other points of progress include that the Unit 4 generator motor was threaded into the stator. This action requires precision as the clearance is only a few millimetres. All stationery equipment between the rotor and the stator can now be fitted and the generator can now be coupled to the LP2 rotor.

Four water treatment boards recently went live at Medupi. This means that commissioning of the water treatment plant can start. The water treatment plant is important as this will ensure first fire of the boiler. Six motors in the water treatment plant were safety cleared. Mechanical connections can now be made and the control system can be commissioned once the control system is in place. The water treatment plant is important as this will ensure demineralisation water for first fire of the boiler.

Medupi has used 20,200 tonnes of structural steel for construction of the first boiler unit and 600,000 cubic meters of concrete have been placed on site to date.


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