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Malawi plans multi-purpose water infrastructure investment strategy

W.S. Atkins
International Limited
Lilongwe, Malawi — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 16 November 2011 – The government of Malawi has appointed British company W.S. Atkins International Limited to help it develop a framework and strategy to advance a multi-purpose water infrastructure investment strategy in the country.

HydroWorld.com quotes the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development as saying that it is looking at multi-purpose dam construction on the Songwe, North Rukuru, Kasitu, Bua, Shire, and Ruo rivers. This includes agricultural applications as well as the possibility of hydropower projects.

W.S. Atkins was selected from six bidders for a contract totaling US$340,000.

A ministry statement issued here said the consultant was to develop a viable framework and tools for economically, technically, environmentally, and socially attractive multi-purpose infrastructure investments in water resources, linking closely with Malawi’s Water Resources Investment Strategy.

Specific objectives included conducting awareness raising and capacity strengthening activities within the irrigation ministry and other key ministries, private investors, and key water users, about options for multi-purpose investments.

Another objective was to develop an investment framework with criteria for evaluation and issues for negotiation, milestones, and tools for identification, preparation, options analysis, financing, implementation and management of a large multi-purpose infrastructure.

Malawi received funds from the World Bank’s International Development Agency for its Second National Water Development Programme, which is being co-ordinated by the ministry.