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Making electricity vending easier

1 December 2008 – The people of Boitekong Township in Rustenburg came out in numbers recently, to witness the launch of POWERcard, an electricity service that will enable residents to buy electricity using their cellphones.

PowercardIt is the partnership between the Rustenburg Local Municipality and prepaid solutions company, Conlog that will see thousands of people gaining access to electricity, 24 hours a day.

Speaking at the launch, Executive Mayor Matthew J Wolmarans made emphasis to the positive benefits POWERcard will have for the community and the municipality. Residents can now buy electricity from their local tuck shop and get electricity, just by sending an SMS. It’s easy and convenient. Wolmarans encouraged the people to take advantage of this service since they will no longer have to travel far to buy electricity. For the municipality, service delivery will be enhanced as the transaction turnaround time is quick.

“For us, we aim to provide a quality service that goes far beyond meeting the customer’s needs, but also that will change the lives of the community as a whole. We are very excited to be part of this project and look forward to working with the municipality,” said Warren Dixon, Projects and Services Director for Conlog.

“Job opportunities are created through POWERcard, as becoming a vendor is easy. People can contact the municipality for details on how to become a merchant, and build a new life for themselves,” Dixon added.