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Majuba rail project progress

The construction of the dedicated Majuba rail line in South Africa comes as result of power utility Eskom’s initiative to change transportation of coal to a number of power stations, from road trucks to rail transportation, which will result in positive economic, environmental and social benefits. The overall objective is ensuring the security of coal supply through logistics solutions at Majuba, Tutuka, Camden, Grootvlei, Kendal and Hendrina to cater for a throughput potential of 32 million tonnes per year by rail.

Aveng Grinaker-LTA, the civil and earthworks contractor for Eskom’s Majuba rail project, is proceeding with the construction activities on the Majuba rail servitude. Site establishment both on the northern side and southern side has been completed.  The construction of structures such as cattle creeps, culverts, agricultural underpass and bridges has started. The construction of a 300 m incremental launch bridge over the Vaal River for the Majuba rail project is well underway. This 300 meter long bridge is the most complex concrete structure to be built under the Majuba rail civil works package. It is estimated that the bridge will be constructed with just less than 4,100 m3 of concrete.

Major activities for the first quarter of 2014 include starting with the formation layer works on the whole servitude, and construction of the piers on the bridges.

The servitude length of the railway will be 68 km, and there are seven contractors on site, totalling 1,493 people.