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Major renewable energy project in Australia

Alcoa’s Pinjarra Cogen
natural gas-fired
plant near Perth in
Western Australia
Geelong, Australia — ESI-AFRICA.COMM — 16 November 2010 – Alcoa of Australia Limited and Greenearth Energy Limited have signed a ground-breaking memorandum of intent (MOI) in a critical first step towards the establishment of base load renewable energy generation in Australia

Informal discussions have been held between Alcoa and Greenearth Energy for nearly two
Years, and the organisations recently agreed to commence formal discussions to establish the key areas of potential collaboration.

“In Australia, alongside our significant greenhouse gas reduction efforts, we have enabled the
establishment of critical energy infrastructure and co-generation facilities, and we have successfully piloted and commercialised carbon capture and waste reduction technologies which
significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the ammonia, cement and brick industries,” said Alcoa’s Anglesea power station manager Stephanie Pearce.

“In Western Sydney, we operate Australia’s largest aluminium recycling facility and in doing so, we avoid the generation of over one million tonnes of carbon emissions each year,” Pearce added.

Greenearth Energy managing director Mark Miller said that the MOI with Alcoa might be the
catalyst for overcoming some of the most significant hurdles still ahead for the company’s Geelong Geothermal Power Project (GGPP). It represented a significant and substantial development for the GGPP and a potential pathway from the preliminary planning stage through the exploration and demonstration stages to grid connection.

“Our two organisations have discussed a potential site within Alcoa’s mining lease area that has all the necessary characteristics for the GGPP exploration stage. This matter is now being progressed with good support from the Department of Primary Industries and in consultation with other government agencies.

Pearce and Miller said Alcoa and Greenearth Energy would be undertaking a series of key
stakeholder engagement activities and briefings as a result of signing the MOI, but emphasised that detailed discussions would remain confidential.